We are an everyday family from the Gold Coast, Australia who love to travel as much as possible, maximising quality time with our children. 

Why is travelling with our kids so important to us? We feel compelled to show them just how beautiful and kind we believe the world is.  Our hope is for them to develop a lifelong love for travel, an open mind and to become global citizens who seek positive change but most importantly to develop empathy and a giving heart for those less fortunate than themselves.  

We’ve travelled with our children on numerous occasions but this time we’ve decided to take the leap, put our study and work commitments on hold and home-school the kids while we embark on a travel adventure of a lifetime.  We hope we can inspire you to experience this magnificent world of ours, whether it be to a far off land or even in your own backyard. 

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A travel loving family, embracing life and creating lifelong memories.